Friday, October 7, 2022

Aunty Aurora, My Wedding Is Next Year…I’m Worried My Fiancé Only Has One Testicle And His Sex Drive Has Nose-Dived

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Dear Aunty Aurora,My Fiancé proposed to me recently and I reluctantly said yes. Our wedding is booked for next year but my happiness is mixed with dread that I might be making a big mistake. I am 32, he’s 39, and our relationship was passionate when we met two years ago. I had been hurt previously and he broke down all my walls. It seemed wonderful.His sex drive nose-dived as soon as we got engaged. Now I am lucky if we have sex once every couple of months. If I come on to him he says I am desperate and needy which makes me feel foolish. He was born with one testicle – is that the problem? Thank you. Anthony, Ijegun-Lagos

Dear Anthonia,He was passionate when you met and having one testicle does not affect sex drive. The problem is he struggles with intimacy, the change of gear needed when there is no longer the buzz of the new, and feels defensive about it. Marriage is not a magic wand.You need to resolve the intimacy issues before you get married as it is a union to be taken seriously.Photo Credit: Getty

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