Aunty Aurora: My Wife Has Just Had A Baby And Says She’s Too Tired For Sex…So, I Am Sleeping With Prostitutes

Dear Aunty Aurora,My wife is from the east and she is a beautiful wife and we have a happy marriage but I could not resist having sex with a prostitute last week. What’s wrong with me? I love my wife and our baby daughter but I’m unsure what is happening to me.I am 34, my wife is 29 and our daughter is just three months old. I was single for two years before I met my wife. I used to have sex with different girls and prostitutes back then but I was always careful and would use a condom. I met my wife while working for a large media company four years ago and got married 18 months later. We were thrilled when my wife got pregnant. I went to every hospital appointment and each scan. It was brilliant.Our daughter is wonderful but never sleeps for very long. Neither of us realised before how much work a baby is. I understood that sex might go downhill for a while but when I ask my wife for sex now, she nearly always says she is too tired.I was driving home from work last week and on an impulse I turned off my route and drove to a popular street on the Island toto pick up a working girl. And I have been seeing the girl and a couple of the other girls for regular hookups. I always use a condom but I know I am doing a terrible thing to my wonderful wife who loves me to bits.What should I do? Thanks Ohis, IkoyiDear Ohis,Don’t feel tempted to confess to your wife. It might ease your guilt but would make her feel a whole lot worse at a vulnerable time. What’s important is to learn from your mistake so you don’t repeat it. Having a baby is a testing time for most couples’ relationships. Your own needs do get put on the back burner for a while. Try to stay close physically by giving your wife lots of loving hugs and cuddles without making any sexual demands she isn’t ready for. I know you’re at work all day but take over some of the early evening baby care. It will give your wife a couple of hours to herself so she remembers she’s a person too, not just a baby-servicing machine, and will not be so tired later.Photo Credit: Getty

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