Aunty Aurora, My Wife Has Never Orgasm Despite Trying Everything To Satisfy Her In Bed, What Should I Do?

Dear Aunty Aurora,
My wife is beautiful, funny and smart, and it’s breaking my heart that our sex life has never once been how I’d hoped it would be. She had lovers before me with whom she had multiple orgasms.
"Pastors Wives Are The Most Sex Starved", Tweep Recounts Friend's Ordeal

We didn’t have sex before we were married due to the rules of my religion and culture but she said she knew that sex would be even better with me as she loved me so much. What a disappointment.
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When we were married she felt low and didn’t seem interested in sex, though she said it wasn’t my fault. We’re now in our Thirties and have been married for more than 5 years. But she’s never had an orgasm with me. I’ve tried everything. My confidence now is destroyed. What should  or can I do? George, Surulere-Lagos.

"Pastors Wives Are The Most Sex Starved", Tweep Recounts Friend's OrdealDear George,
How sad, but don’t give up. It isn’t too late. You mention your wife was depressed at the start of your marriage and perhaps this got you off to a bad start and affected the way you felt about having sex together.

Or perhaps she found it hard to enjoy having sex with a man she was committed to. Say you need to get a sex therapist’s help together.

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