#June 12 Protest: Celebration Of Democracy Or Mockery Of It

The date June 12 will stay in the memory of Nigerians from now till time immemorial cause of the significance it holds to the modern-day democracy the country practice and is fighting tooth and nail to protect by all means. 

The elections of June 12, which to date is still said to be the freest and fair election the country has ever witnessed produced the president-elect Chief MKO Abiola and his Vice President Babagana Kingibe. They were the people’s choice, the first of its kind that won the people’s mandate, the people’s president that never would be.
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The elections of June 12, were annulled by the evil genius, the one known as the Maradona of Nigeria’s politics, the once military Head Of State of Nigeria Maj. Gen Ibrahim Babangida. 

The evil genius who it is said came to power riding on the wealth of business mogul Chief MKO Abiola in 1985. Babangida planned and executed the 1985 coup that saw the incumbent democratic president of Nigeria, then General Muhammadu Buhari removed from power in a bloodless coup. 

It would surprise anybody that it is the same man who was removed from power by the wealth of Abiola, is the same person that made the famous #June 12 day, a national holiday, shifting the ‘Democracy Day’ from May 29th to June 12. 

It is interesting to note that, May 29th was made democracy day by the former Yoruba civilian head of state, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who was offered June 12, to be used as Nigeria’s day of celebrating “Democracy” and he turned it down and rather preferred the latter date.
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Fast-forward to 2021, the first official Democracy day set to be celebrated on the new date June 12, the Nigerian state is in semi-political chaos. With insurgents at war with the Nigerian army in the North-East, while bandits are ravaging away the forest reserves of the North-west kidnapping maiming, attacking school kids, farmers, and villages at will. 

The attacks all over in the South-East, INEC offices attacked with incessant alacrity. Police Stations attacked, police armory looted, policemen and women killed for no just reason, politicians of the national ruling party assassinated. 

While governors of the southern states have declared in some measure for a new constitution, banned open grazing and some southern towns and villages are at war with Fulani bandits. 

The question is what exactly is going on, is the country deteriorating gradually into a failed state is there the need true for secession, or is it all just politicians fuelling chaos, mayhem trying to throw out the incumbent party for their own selfish interests and the youths getting caught up in the political chess game. Since after the #EndSARS protest which to a large extent achieved its goal, but was then overdone, certain criminal elements hijacking the protest using it as a means to perpetuate crime, also led to the loss of lives, of both civilians and policemen.

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It also led to the looting of public and private properties destruction of both public and private properties, with over 200 public transportation buses burnt to ashes by arsonists. Then, Looting spates then went on for a couple of days, and those who started the EndSARS protest all hideaway leaving their dirty work to the government to come to clean up and live with the backlash also.
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The June 12 protest trended for on Twitter, the call for the protest was led by the professional activist and protest junkie Omoyele Sowore and it garnered some response momentum, but this time the government won’t allow it in Lagos nor allow it to degenerate to chaos again. 

Yes Nigeria’s journey to true democracy is still just 21-years old and our independence is 61-years old the country is just beginning to come to full grasps of what a democracy is like and all about, the citizens are still hugely politically uneducated, lacking hugely on their history and are still going through the formative years of creating their own originated true Nigerian political culture. June 12 protest is in a large sense a celebration of democracy because civil disobedience/protest is a right of the citizens in a democracy. But also a mockery of a day meant for the celebration of a change in our history and in celebration of the great man. 

Next time let’s choose other days to air our grievances to the government and not on auspicious ones we all hold dear. While this is also a call on the President Muhammad Buhari-led administration to make a call of order to the National Assembly to sit on how best to rewrite the Nigerian constitution entrenching fiscal federalism of the country in corporate co-existence. 

Nigeria will rise and rule, the world’s greatest black nation is on the rise.   

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