Monday, December 5, 2022

Aunty Aurora, I Love Being Pregnant But I Hate It When My Husband’s Family Keeps Touching My Baby Bump…What Can I Do?

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Dear Aunty Aurora, Being pregnant is great except for one thing – I hate people touching my bump.

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I’m 30 and expecting a baby in July. My husband has a large extended family who are lovely and so pleased that I’m having his child – but they all get too close when we meet.

We had a birthday party for my husband last month and they kept touching my bump. It’s started to really get to me. It isn’t their baby they are touching – it’s me. How can I get them to back off a little? Thanks Abigail, Shomolu-Lagos.

Dear Abigail, 
You now have a 100 per cent sociably acceptable way to stop all that touching. You should not all be meeting anyway but even if in the street, insist on the two-metre rule for social distancing.

If you have any worries for you and your baby, tell your husband or his mother, who will likely help protect you more.

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