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Music Review: AQ’s Shows His Uniqueness & Sensibility On The Album Golden #Magnificient

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Rapper and CEO of 100 Crown, Gilbert Bani aka, AQ have dropped another album titled, Golden. This comes a year after he released his last album, God’s Engineering.aqThe 7-track album runs for a total of 19 minutes and features only two artists, BadBoyParis and Chike with the sensational loverboy-voice.
The opening track, Abraham’s Blessing featuring BadBoyParis has a rich deep tone attached to it that transports you to a saner and much-relaxed state of mind.
Alluding to the bible to talk about the blessings of Abraham in his life and bringing it to the present, where he speaks of his fleets of cars, lifestyle, etc.
While speaking of his blessing, he also mentions the struggles and challenges he went through to get to where he is now.
Dropping deep words in rap style, AQ finally talks about his win of the best rap album as he says he did that without a single.
While AQ relieves his journey to fame, BabBoyParis blesses us with that smooth cooling voice coming in at the chorus.
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Shoot The Messenger possesses a similar intro as, Abraham’s Blessing, but on this track, he is all alone.
Calling on his contemporaries and what he will do for them. The likes of Falz, Mr. Macaroni, Oxlade, Runtown, and how they fought during the #endsars protest.
Going back to the period where the Nigerian youth and celebrities alike took to the street to take a stand in order for SARS to end.
He sings about the brutality of that period and the lives that were lost.
Hailing Nigerian celebrities who as he said, Never let us down by coming out to take a stand on the street. He also reveals that because of this singular act he can give his life for Mr. Macoroni.
This is a song that will be every green as it is a revolutionary sound made for the nation and the experience of Nigerians during the #endsars protest.
Deep words from a deep mind, way to go, man!!!
Of course anywhere the loverboy, Chike is, always expect something serene.
The combination of the sound of Chike and that of AQ is magical.
They both transport us to that realm of serenity, rap plus soul music is refreshing on the track, Breathe.

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AQ sticks to dropping the verse, while his features take the chorus and he does so again with Chike. Coming from the angle of freedom in life and the understanding that one should always take a deep breath and breathe because that is how to live.
Still pointing out the struggles of life that people go through in order to survive. Battles, the challenges are all choking, hence, breathe.
AQ takes his bible seriously as he once again alludes to that part of the bible where it says, Man shall not live by bread alone. For peace just breathe. The calming feeling and sensibility on this track are epic.
There is just this old-school style of rapping that AQ always delivers whenever he handles the mic; on the track HeLa he as usual delivers deep words.
Alluding to the murder of Goerge Floyd he speaks of freedom for the people. The likes of Moses, Nelson Mandela, and those who have stood for freedom.
A short track but short and power-packed with an abundance of wisdom.
The biblical part of AQ is brought to light on this body of work, Golden, at some point with the way he keeps alluding to scenes from the bible, he begins to sound like Kanye West because of the way he raps and these allusions.
System Failure gives more life to this fact. The unique instrumentation of this track is groundbreaking.
Hearing the words and their arrangement with the truth they bear just goes to show that he sang from a place of understanding and deep inspiration.
This particular fact will always make him stand out because his style and manner of rap and lyrics are uniquely different.
Just like the title, System Failure, talks about the societal ills present in the society, the deeds of politicians, the bad government, and other decayed aspects of life that contribute to death and hinders growth in the lives of citizens.
Wholelistic words like money is white Jesus, the president is your black god are worth all five stars.
Listening to his tracks, one is expectant of what next he will deliver.
On Hardwired he delivered in ace. Lyrics, off the charts, the message, beautifully golden.
Come on man, what inspired such facts and insanely awesome words brought to beats.
Classic indeed!!!
Read The Room is the perfect song for a great ending which one screams for this knowledge journey not to end.
His reasoning is broad and balanced as he gives light to the negative effect of social media. What it does and how it taints one’s image. He says when social media comes for you, nobody will stand for you, Which is a very true fact in gold, my gawd!!!.
Final Thoughts
One listens to Golden by AQ and we just have to ask, where have you been. This can be said to be the best rap album all over again. In fact this is the best rap album released in 2021, no cap!!!
Taking deep words and presenting them with a relatable incidence that matters and counts, can only come from a place of depth and reasoning.
The fact that he didn’t sing with his libido, makes him stand out more.
Every track on this album is evergreen and they are all hit single material, No cap.
Golden indeed is the perfect title for this body of work.
Listen to the album here;

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