Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Ankara Styles Extraordinaire For The Extraordinary KOKOnista

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KOKOnistas all around the world are not just people who like fashion, they are those who do not like the conventional and overly simple forms of styling, especially when choosing and rocking their Ankara styles.
Sophistication, elegance, drama, chic and class are what you represent as a KOKOnista, and overall, the goal is to stand out tall in the midst of the crowd of people who rock the beautiful Ankara and African prints. As your major styles and fashion inspiration, we understand these goals and your identity, which is why we always make it a date to bring you all the sophisticated and extraordinary African prints and Ankara styles ever served.
It is another Friday and yet, another beautiful time to dish out the amazing sturvs we have in stock. It must have been a long week and on this end, we are super glad that it is another Friday and another beautiful time to serve you hot sturvs from the Ankara world.
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Why not take a seat, grab something to munch as you serenely scroll through these Ankara styles, that are too dapper for you to ignore and eventually, are great for you to make the extraordinary move. Ready? Scroll!
1. Advanced Arewa-inspo 2. Wear me some class 3. Do it like Aya the Owner4. All shades of finesse 5. The drama sleeves 6. She always coming through7. Where my robust curvy KOKOnistas at?8. The bell sleeves 9. Her royal sexiness 10. The Summer InspoPhotos Credit: Instagram

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