Listening To Rap Music And Coffee Could Make You A Better Driver – Researchers

To be better behind the wheel you should hit the road with a rap-heavy playlist and a cup of coffee, says a new study.

New research has found a link between listening to rap music and caffeine with better driving skills.

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Behavioural science consultancy CX Lab and car insurance company U-Switch joined forces on the experiment, in which they measured reaction times under various conditions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, caffeine was found to have the biggest impact on responses. Coffee drinkers stopped, on average, 26 yards earlier after spotting a hazard when traveling at 70 mph, compared to those who hadn’t had the beverage.

Researchers also put different types of audio to the test, to see how they affected participants. They used an audio track of noisy children as well as rap, techno, heavy metal, classical, jazz and R&B music.

Rap music was found to have the biggest positive impact of the six genres tested, as participants stopped 16 yards sooner than listening to no music at all.

R&B, on the other hand, slowed response times.

The sounds of noisy children also accelerated reaction times – it cut stopping distances by 13.49 metres on average when travelling at 70mph. But it’s worth pointing out that these might differ if children were physically in the car.

Overall, women were found to have better reaction times than men – responding on average 690 milliseconds faster.

It’s also worth flagging that these tests were not carried out in an actual vehicle. Instead they took a similar form to a driving theory test – whereby participants clicked when they identified a hazard.

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