Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Aunty Aurora: My Wife Is Trying New Things In Bed, But I’m Worried About How She Knows Her New Moves

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Dear Aunty Aurora, My wife came back from her church women’s conference saying she was in the mood for sex. She and the other women had been discussing sex and my wife wanted to try doing something new that I had always thought was out of bounds.I’m 35 and my wife is 29. I was reluctant but she kept on, so we tried it a couple of nights later. My wife had the biggest orgasm I’ve ever known her to have and now she wants to do it again. I’m not so keen and find it a bit unsettling. Not only that, now she also wants me to slap her bottom while having sex. I’m worried about what she will ask me to do next. Thanks Dayo, IkejaDear Dayo, Nobody should feel pressured into doing anything sexual they don’t really want to. Don’t agree to this kind of sex if it is not what you really want. Good sex is about your own pleasure as well as your wife’s. There are so many ways you can keep sex fresh and exciting – you should easily be able to find some happy compromises.Photo Credit: Getty

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