Aunty Aurora, My Affair Made Me Realise The Grass Is Really Greener On The Other Side

Dear Aunty Aurora, I had an affair and the sex was so much better than sex with my husband at home. I’ve been married for eight years and our sex life at first was just fine. The only snag was that I never reached climax. He’s 40 and I’m 36.

My affair lasted a year and the sex was just brilliant, a shot in the arm, but I knew it was wrong. Now I’m back being faithful to my husband but we have the same problem. I wait until he goes for a shower after sex to bring myself to climax. I don’t know what to do. Ifeoma, Festac Town

Dear Ifeoma, Cheating isn’t the answer. You need to find out what worked with your lover that’s missing from sex back at home. If it’s something practical, show your husband how he can improve. But it could be something psychological that’s making the difference – that you feel sexier as a mistress than a wife.

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