KOKOnista Of The Day: Ada Oguntodu Inspires With Every Of Her Contemporary Style

Fashion for Ada Oguntodu did not just start out of the blues as it goes way back in the days since she was 5. Growing up, she often would be head deep in her wardrobe pairing what little she had in it trying to create looks once she had finished her chores and homework and had nothing else to do. Not knowing it would lead to the start of something great as the habit never stopped. Ada always burdened her siblings with the task to approve or disapprove whatever she was able to come up with.With her blog Noordinaryshe, she’s able to formally document looks that she creates, otherwise known as ‘taking her pleasure seriously’ and also to inspire people on everyday styling, fashion trend, beauty and shopping tips and how to maximise their wardrobe collection. Point to note, Ada loves bargains and do most of her shopping when prices are a bit friendlier… her admirable secret to having many clothes! Credit: Ada Oguntodu

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