That Sharp Naija Guy: 6 Key Pointers On How To Maintain Multiple Relationships And Not Get Too Attached To Any

As a Sharp Naija Guy, having multiple relationships is definitely a possibility, considering that as a proper SNG having more than one or two female partners is just a prerequisite. I tell guys in their youth between 23-35 who aren’t married yet, to have multiple relationship especially when they are quite comfortable financially, because ladies are naturally attracted to successful guys, with enough cash to spend. So here are pointers on how to maintain multiple relationships without getting too attached;

  1. Don’t Be On The Look Out For The Perfect Girl:
    Now this might sound awkward and unusual, if you want to be a proper SNG and even as a young guy looking forward to get into a serious relationship, don’t be on the look out for the perfect girl, rather as a sharp guy be on the look out for a girl that wants you and would make you happy, a girl that would be a wonderful smash. As for a guy looking for a serious relationship as goes for you too. The truth is that there are no perfect ladies nor the girl that would be perfect in a relationship rather the best you can get is a lady willing to work to make whatever type of relationship you’re into with her perfect no matter the conditions attached.
  2. Be Honest:

    Never lie simply to keep a woman interested. If you’re only looking for casual hookups, let her know. You may be surprised to find that she’s also interested in that. You can ask her what she’s looking for before you disclose your own interests. You can say, “So we’ve never talked about what we’re each looking for. I’m curious what you think about that.” but let this happen after you have already been able to manage an hook up first and you had made sure you gave a good account of yourself and great night of smash, after such an audition pick an opportune moment and keep it casual. If the subject of past relationships or future plans comes up, you can say something like, “Since then I haven’t been ready for a girlfriend” or, “I have a hard time imagining being ready to settle down any time soon or be in a serious relationship.”
  3. You Can’t Get Jealous: Now this can be kept simple or rather not over-emphasised you can’t get jealous ever, If you find yourself being jealous because one of the women is seeing someone else, let her know. Don’t make a big deal out of it or lead with anger. Simply say something like, “To be honest, I’ve noticed that I’m kind of jealous of the other person you’re seeing. I think I’d like to have more of your time and attention. Jealousy can affect non-exclusive relationships and exclusive relationships alike. However, by dating more women, you’re creating more opportunities for jealousy. The best way to deal with jealousy is to be honest without going overboard. If one of the women you’re dating expresses jealousy, say what you can to reassure her, but don’t lie. For example, if it’s true, you could say, “It’s true that I have a strong connection with that other woman, but that doesn’t diminish how much I enjoy spending time with you.”
  4. Coping With The Bait: "Pastors Wives Are The Most Sex Starved", Tweep Recounts Friend's Ordeal
    You can assure yourself that at least one of your many lovers would try and impress you to the best of her ability.  If you fall for this bait, then you have all the rights to get into a serious relationship, but be sure to do so only after notifying the other people. By notifying we do not mean a Facebook notification, a text message or even a phone call, you have to meet in person and discuss the matter in hand.
  5. Safe Sex: We believe you are having the time of your life in the love making smashing zone, but, it is of utmost priority to keep the sex safe. You are in the most casual relationship someone can ever be in, be sure to keep it safe, or else you will be jeopardising the lives of more than one person, including yours.
  6. Keep Quiet On Social Media. This can be hard and can take some finesse. Try to avoid commenting or liking every photo or post by the women you’re dating. While you don’t need to hide the fact that you’re seeing multiple people well you might have to hide it at some point and know how to deal with all the ladies individual and manage the relationships well without one spilling over to the other person, you don’t want to feed anyone’s insecurities or jealousies. Don’t post photos of yourself with the multiple women you’re dating. If women tag you in photos with them, you can remove the tag and then talk to them about it. You can say something like, “I’m not really comfortable being tagged in photos right now and it feels awkward to post photos of myself with one person.” "Pastors Wives Are The Most Sex Starved", Tweep Recounts Friend's Ordeal
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