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Aunty Aurora, I’m Scared Of Being A Single Parent, But My Fiancé Just Dumped Me When I Told Him I Was Pregnant

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Dear Aunty Aurora,I thought my life was complete when I met this guy at a friend’s wedding party. We quickly got engaged and everything was perfect.I am 28 and my fiancé is 32. We have been together for six months. But when I found out I was pregnant, my fiancé left me, saying he doesn’t want me to keep the baby, as he cannot afford to have a family and he can’t be with me. He has one child with his previous partner but rarely sees or support them. I worry history will repeat itself and my baby won’t have her dad in her life either. I am 18 weeks pregnant and so scared to go through with it on my own. I decided against termination but what sort of future can I offer my child as a single parent? Thank you Ada, Ikoyi.Dear Ada,I’m sorry. Being pregnant makes you vulnerable and anxious but you can’t force him to stay. Remind him none of this is the baby’s fault and he has a moral duty to be involved as a loving dad and to help provide for all his children.Photo Credit: Getty

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