Sunday, April 2, 2023

Aunty Aurora: My Fiancée Is Denying Me Sex After Our Introduction – Should I Call Off The Wedding?

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Dear Aunty Aurora, I’m engaged to a beautiful girl and life used to be great. Now my fiancée pushes me away if I touch her. We used to have sex but that’s all stopped. We are both 32. We have been together for a year and are due to be married in March. She has recently declared “no sex before marriage”.I was surprised but said I was cool with that – now she won’t even allow intimacy. I’ve tried talking to her but that never helps. I keep thinking how nice our relationship used to be, with the kissing and touching and sex. I don’t know why she’s changed. Do you think she has lost her feelings for me? Thanks Anthony, Aguda-Lagos.Dear Anthony, I cannot guess and the part that worries me most about this is that you don’t understand how she feels and that talking to her hasn’t helped. Tell her you can’t get married with such a gap in understanding between you. Clear this up or you are best calling off the wedding.Photo Credit: Getty

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