Beauty DIY: How To Get Rid Of Dark Knees With Sugar

Firstly, dark knees are attributed to various factors such as constant exposure to sunlight, changing of body lotion, friction of knees etc.
However, the condition can be counteracted naturally without necessarily using cosmetic products which are usually quite expensive to some.
Sugar can be used to purge the condition, you may also used olive oil or the 2 combine.

Sugar has been proven medically and biologically to be a body metabolism that is it provides energy for proper body functioning. Sugar however can bleaching properties as it lightens your dark knees naturally and its noted that most women have been using it to lighten their skin for many years.
To combine Olive oil and sugar, mi one table spoon of olive and a table spoon of sugar to form a paste. Before you take your bath scrub this paste on to your knees for few minute, then go have your bath.
Repeat this process on a daily basis for a great result.

Photo Credit: Getty

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