Aunty Aurora: Is It Possible That My Mother Wants Me To End Up Like Her

Dear Aunt Aurora,
Kindly keep me anonymous. My mum has been the one taking care of me since I was 4 years old when my dad left us and I have the utmost respect for her because even though it wasn’t easy, she made sure I got the best of everything. When I turned 24 two months ago she started talking about me getting married.
I didn’t have any issues with that since I was already dating someone and we were both working. I called Wale, the guy I am dating, and told him what my mum said and he said no problem that he was ready. Some days later I brought him home and mum was happy. Things continued to go well till we decide to do a little introduction and set our wedding plans in gear. We picked a date and Wade’s people came to see my mum officially but the moment my mum was introduced to Wade’s dad, she started acting strange. After they all left, she called me to her room. She then told me that it is not possible for me to marry Wale. Since then visit we have been dragging the issue to no avail and she has refused to tell me her reasons too. Please what can I do?
Dear Anonymous,
Obviously there is something your mum is not telling you. I am sure you have been doing all you can to change her mind but I think finding out her reasons will put things in perspective. You have to sit her down and get her to talk to you like an adult. I applaud her for being a good mother and doing two people’s job but she needs to realise that you are now a grown woman and need to know details especially if it relates to you. Its your life we are talking about at the end of the day, so you deserve to know why she is bent on going against your choice of partner. If her reasons are valid enough then you can think of the next step to take. Its hard to guess what her reasons might be and if it is something you need to know about, she should be willing to open up if you are persistent. The only way you can be sure that going ahead with your wedding plans won’t have repercussions is to get her to talk to you.
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