Monday, May 29, 2023

Aunty Aurora: Help! I Think I Might Be Possessed By A Relationship-Wrecking Demon

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Dear Aunty Aurora,
Please keep me anonymous. I think I might need deliverance or something but before I do anything drastic, I have decided to seek advice here. My main problem is the fact that I can’t seem to hold on to any relationship much less make anything meaningful out of it. Its almost like there is an invincible force pushing me to stir trouble when I start dating a guy. Even the ones that outwardly have genuine intensions towards me, I always find something to complain about.The most recent one actually got me worried because we have only been dating for about a month and he called to ask me out to dinner. While at the restaurant and my boyfriend was trying to make small talk before the waitress could attend to us, I got angry for no apparent reason. Long story short, I doused him with the cold water and stormed out. Now I feel so guilty and I have been calling and texting him to say sorry but he isn’t responding. Please help me.
From Aba.

Dear Anonymous,
There is no smoke without fire and I am sure behind your irrational behaviour is an underlying cause. I see no reason why you should normally feel the need to start trouble in your own relationship if something is not fundamentally wrong somewhere. I believe talking to a professional might help you actually dig deep enough to discover the true state of things even in the subconscious recess of your mind. I believe there is something responsible for this, maybe an experience in your childhood or younger years that may have something to do with men. Most times when a lady has episodes like yours, their mind might have found a way to suppress such memories up until another experience sparks it release. So before anything else, seek professional help. Aunty Aurora.

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