Aunty Aurora: I Am Engaged To A Guy But Sleeping With A Beautiful Girl…Am I Straight Or Lesbian?

Dear Aunty Aurora,I slept with another girl in Lagos recently and it was the best sex of my life. I’m engaged to my boyfriend but I am not sure anymore if I have made the right choice? I am 26, he’s 29 and we have been together for three years, though he often breakup after arguments.. We were a happy, very social couple, with lots of friends but rarely did stuff just the two of us. We adored one another but our sex life is zilch.I recently met a girl at my best friend’s birthday party and she’s absolutely beautiful, with the best figure i’ve seen. She kissed me and I couldn’t forget it. I stewed over it for a couple of weeks but then I texted her and we have been having sex without anyone suspecting. I’d never reached orgasm before the way I did with her. She’s 23. I am so confused I do not know what to do. Am I gay and just with him as I’m scared of telling my family I’m a lesbian? Thank you. Hope, Ikoyi, Lagos.Dear Hope,

There’s a lot to untangle. Can you not stand the idea of any straight sex or is it sex with your boyfriend you’ve gone right off? There’s a lot wrong in your relationship. The sex with your new friend is great – but she is a lesbian or have a boyfriend too. Tell your boyfriend you two need to resolve your relationship one way or the other. You both seem more like best friends than a couple. You might enjoy sex with him more if he took more trouble and learned more about female sexuality.And remember homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria.Photo Credit: Getty

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