Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Aunty Aurora: He Has It All But I Know He Is Hiding Something

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Dear Aunty Aurora,
I have to say that I find your page very informative and that is why I’m sending in my own question as well. I need advice as I am not sure what to do anymore. The guy I am dating presently refused to tell me his source of livelihood even though I have threatened him with everything I can think of. We met at a restaurant six months back and officially started dating two months later. In the four months we have been dating, he has never mentioned going to work to me and even the business he says he owns isn’t big enough to bring him the kind of money he spends. I have asked him several times where he gets all his money from but he would just tell me not to bother myself then send me money the following day. Recently he has been talking about wanting to meet my family to start discussing marriage but I don’t think I should introduce him yet. Please what do I do? I am almost 30 and time is really not on my side to be turning down men.
Sharon, Aba.

Dear Sharon,
Getting older shouldn’t push you into an arrangement that might alter the course of your life forever. In this day and age, you don’t take chances when it comes to ascertaining how the person you want to marry makes his money. We hear different stories everyday about the unspeakable things people do to get wealth and I am sure this thought must have crossed your mind as well.

If your partner does not want to tell you how he makes his money and keeps spending lavishly then there is cause for concern. Asides that, if he isn’t willing to share such information with you, who knows what else he is keeping from you as well?. I will implore you to do your findings properly before taking the next step with him. Money isn’t everything, your peace of mind matters as well. Aunty Aurora.
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