Aunty Aurora: Help! I Have Not Had A Good Night’s Sleep Since I Got Married

Dear Aunty Aurora,
Please keep me anonymous. My husband’s snoring is about to tear our home apart and I am just absolutely clueless on what to do. Before we got married, I didn’t know he had this sleep disorder because we never got to spend a night in each other’s company due to our religious believes. Now, I have not had one full night of good sleep since we got married two months ago. I really don’t know how to discuss the issue with him without hurting his feelings or causing unnecessary misunderstanding. What do I do about this?
From Festac.

Dear Anonymous,
Most times incidences of snoring in adults usually don’t stand alone. A number of factors which includes¬†being overweight, nasal congestion, a deviated septum, smoking, alcohol use e.t.c can contribute to this in an individual.¬†The problem is especially common in men because airway passages in them are narrower than in women. It is the vibrations from the tissues that produce the annoying sounds that can have you tossing and turning and keep you up all night.
If your husband is overweight, one way to help him is to work on a plan for him to loose weight. Also working on a new sleeping position might help as well. Lying on your back can cause the tongue to fall back, obstructing the airway. Suggest that your husband lie on his side with pillows propped up against his back, or attach a tennis ball to the back of his night shirt to make it uncomfortable when he tries to sleep on his back. And finally if he smokes or drinks, cutting back on them will also help. If none of these works, then maybe he might need to see a doctor while you sleep with earplugs till it is sorted.Aunty Aurora.
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