Sunday, November 27, 2022

Aunty Aurora: Our New Baby Twins Are Ruining Our Sex Life

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Dear Aunty Aurora,

I’ve had virtually no sex life since our twins daughter and son was born six months ago. I’m really fed up. Sex with my wife was great and used to be frequent before our kids were born. Now I am lucky if we have sex every one month.I am an hands-on husband and I help my wife at home with cooking, tidying up and getting our kids ready for bed – but nothing works. I’ve talked to my wife about bringing the spark back and it is OK for a week but then goes back to zero sex. She is 32, I am 37. I love her but must it be only as the mother of my children? I want the physical closeness back. Thanks, Segun, Festac. LagosDear Según,

Having a baby is a huge interruption to your sex life. You have beautiful demanding twins to consider and can feel stressed and exhausted.

Tell your wife you are worried about her lack of interest in sex. Make sure she has time to relax by doing your share.Photo Credit: Getty

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