Aunty Aurora: I am 19, Pregnant And Clueless

Dear Aunty Aurora,
Thank you for a prompt response in advance. I am 19 years old and I got married in February. Before my marriage, there was a lot of misunderstanding in my family because my parents are separated. I have lived all my my life with my mum and automatically she knew me better. When I approached her with the marriage issue just after my eighteenth birthday she only asked me if I was sure that was what I wanted and I said yes. My father on the other hand wasn’t so forthcoming with his support.

Although he has never contributed a kobo towards my education, he kept insisting that I should be thinking of getting a university education instead of marrying. To pacify him, my husband and I agreed we won’t have any kids till I was through with school. We felt that I was still young enough to hold on with child-bearing and my father grudgingly agreed. Now I am barely three months into my marriage and I found our last night that I am pregnant. I feel so guilty and instead of being happy I can’t even tell my husband because I don’t know how he would feel. Please how do I handle this confusing problem.
Lola, Badagry.

Dear Lola,
I see no reason why you should get yourself so worked up over this. You are married for heaven’s sake and you should still be basking in the euphoria of being a new bride. Don’t allow anything ruin your happiness and you should definitely not be feeling sad because you are expecting a baby.

I understand that your father might think you are still young, but I can assure in other parts of the world, you are a fully grown adult that can take responsibility for her life. I am sure your husband would be over the moon as well when he finally gets over the initial shock and panic. By the way, having a baby doesn’t stop you from continuing your education either all you need is support and help from those around you. Tell your husband first about the new situation so that you both can put up a united front when telling your father. You are married now and your new family comes first, so don’t get worked up over nothing. I am sure even your dad will get over it in time, just wait till that bundle of joy arrives. Aunty Aurora.

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