Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Aunty Aurora, My Husband Is Marrying My Best Friend And I Cannot Believe It

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Dear Aunty Aurora,
My estranged husband is marrying my former best friend and I can’t get over it.

My husband left me for my best friend just after our silver wedding anniversary four years ago. He is 55, I am 45. I had no idea they were having an affair.

We stay civil for our sons’ sakes. They are 23 and 21 and accept that he is getting married again.

My husband and my friend have bought a stunning new house together. I never expected to start dating my best friend and even going ahead to getting engaged to her. I’m not well off  with my kids but very happy together.

Why am I still angry about my lost lifestyle? It was quite a controlling marriage. Thank you. Abisoye, Lagos.
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Dear Abisoye, It is only natural to feel angry after your world was upended, even though you have new blessings to count.

Safely letting out that rage will help. Whenever your blood boils, beat up a couple of pillows, pretending they are your ex and his partner.

Keep reminding yourself you are lucky to have left a cheat. Given people don’t easily change, your former friend now has a controlling partner.Photo Credit: Getty

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