Aunty Aurora, My Estranged Wife Still Contacts Me For Sex Despite Her Seeking A Divorce

Dear Aunty Aurora, I’ve blocked my estranged wife on my phone, but she still gets in contact with me. We meet and have sex – and I’m confused.We are been married for 2 years, then we started arguing, I cheated on her with some ladies and we just fell out of love for some reason. She moved out and then met a bloke at work and was seeing him, even though we are not yet officially divorced. I still love her but can a relationship work after this? Thanks, Jide From Agege, Lagos.Dear Jide, Will you always wonder what she got up to? Stop having sex until you two have had a serious talk about your futures.It could work if she’s willing to make a serious effort to rebuild what you and her broke, including your pride and your faith in yourself as a man. If she’s not offering that level of commitment, I’d advise you to steer clear.Photo Credit: Getty

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