Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Aunty Aurora: My Promotion At Work Has Taken Its Toll On My Fiancé And Our Relationship

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Dear Aunty Aurora,

My boyfriend has left me, after saying he feels under pressure since I got promoted and started earning more money than him. He says he still wants me to be a part of his life, but what role do I play? He’s 32 and I am 27. We met three years ago and moved in together nine months ago and hoped to get married next year. I never asked him for money and always paid if we went out, which was rare. He says his job is stressful and he does not enjoy it. While I love my job in finance and beginning to get recognised for my hardwork. My boyfriend has now been diagnosed with depression and has gone back to live with his parents. Do I wait to see if his medication helps or move on? Thank you. Ajoke, Magodo, LagosDear Ajoke,

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I believe this is about more than your job. He is struggling with low self-esteem. If you really love him, tell him you can face this together and urge him to talk to a counsellor regarding raising his self-esteem but you can’t do this for him. Set yourself a time limit and I hope everything works well for you.Photo Credit: Getty

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