Simi Speaks About The Challenges Women Are Faced With In The Music Industry

Singer and songwriter, Simi has taken to Twitter to share her story and just how difficult it is for a woman to make a name for herself in the music industry, and in the entertainment industry at large. Simi

Simi spoke about having to fight multiple battles and different front all because a female entertainer just trying to make ends meet and earn a living.

The singer wrote that as a female singer you faced with the struggle with family, battle within the industry, battle of fighting stereotypes. Simi also noted that as a female artiste you are faced with the battle of satisfying music executives as much as the audience too. READ ALSO: If You Shame People For Doing Honest Hard Work, You Are Dumb – Simi Spits Fire

She said female entertainers are constantly pitted against each other and can hardly get away with the kind of things men in the industry get away with.Simi

She wrote:

“Tbh some of the things I’ve experienced – specifically as a woman – in this industry. Lol. They will try to pit you against other women. Try to redefine ur value. Try to get in your head and remodel your self-esteem. And I have even had it easier than many…

“Ati executive oh. Ati audience oh. It comes from all the sides. That’s why I fuck with any woman that is winning in this industry – because hurdle is much dear. Women can hardly get away with the kinds of things many men in the same industry get away with on a regular.”

She added that when a woman in the industry stands up for herself, she’s called “difficult”…

She wrote: “For every woman that is making it, there are tons of women that have been broken. If u stand up for urself, “she’s difficult”. If u’re not a pushover, “she’s proud”. If u take time for urself, “she’s lazy.” If u ask for what you deserve, “she’s greedy”. Well, fuck you then.”

She pointed out that female artists have to be better than an average male artist to make it in the industry and she has never seen a mediocre female artist make it.

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