Aunty Aurora: I Want Kids But My Boyfriend Is Broke…I’m Worried I’ll Be Too Old For Kids If We Wait Until We Get Married

Dear Aunty Aurora,

I’m 34 and have a decent job but I found myself exploring how to have children. I’ve been with my boyfriend for three years and I believe I’ve now reached the point where I know I want to have kids. My boyfriend is 38 and he says he feels the same, but he wants us to marry first. But has his job and side hustle is not doing well in this economy, to imagine or talkies or arranging a wedding is becoming a challenge.I’m fine with having a small or court wedding but he hasn’t proposed! He just says it will happen eventually. I’m worried that when at last we get married, I might be too old to have children. I’m in tears every day. I don’t want to pressure him but I don’t know how to stop feeling this way. Thank You. Damilola, Lekki, Lagos.Dear Damilola, 

I’m on your side. You’re 34 and you know you want to have children. Why wait? Does your boyfriend understand your fertility peaked about ten years ago and is on the decline? It will drop steeply soon. He says he wants kids so he needs to know facts – that’s not putting pressure on.

Take the lead, be assertive and start planning the wedding. If that’s not what he wants he needs to be honest with you.Photo Credit: Getty

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