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That Sharp Naija Guy: 3 Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Date Out

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1st Date Night Mistakes Guys Make…It’s quite normal these days to see a lot of men go out of their way when trying to woo a lady and make her fall for them but knowing how to do it right is very important. I mean how you conduct yourself as a proper SNG especially when you are out on a date will go long way in helping you achieve reasonable results. First Date Out

When out on a date, there are a lot of mistakes men make which may spoil your chances of scoring one with the lady you out with that might just be on the verge of falling for you. There are quite a number of things some guys do wrong and these wrongs are what this article intends to address but topping the lists of wrongs are these;
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  1. Asking Too Many Questions
    This is a very common mistake quite a number of guys make, like come this is a date its meant to be fun, with lots of laughter and more of memory creating. So cut out all of those interview questions and rather be more about her expressing herself while getting her to talk about herself more without it being you asking that much of the questions.
  2. Over Complimenting her
    Complimenting a lady is lovely, but know to avoid overdoing, because might come off a little creepy and irritating. Compliment her on her looks and move on to the next phase and don’t keep repeating it by saying she is beautiful every 10 seconds. If she is actually a beautiful lady you can be rest assured she knows and has heard a lot, rather she wants you to notice other things about her and not stating the obvious.READ ALSO: That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Foolproof Ways To Make A Plus Size Woman Reach Orgasm Quick Multiple Times
  3. Avoid Bragging About Yourself
    If you happen to have it sorted out early in life and you’re quite wealthy, brother no need to flaunt it, since she isn’t actually a “Sarewagba”. Yeah, you can tell her a little about yourself but hold back a lot of the juicy stuff and make her want to know more, but make her work for it. If you’re going out on a date for the first time with a lady and you go blabbing about where you live, the car you drive, your job, and maybe how much you earn you will definitely come off as shallow and materialistic unless the lady is a gold-digger look for a guy to save her from poverty. Some guys even go as far as start talking about the huge transactions/deal they just executed or they are about to execute I mean like come on, if that is shallow and small-minded nothing else is. You don’t even know if this person is sent to you to get info of you and you’re there jibbering away.
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These are some of the most common mistakes to avoid on a first date night out with a lady. Watch our trending video of the day below;

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