That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Insecurities Of Men, Most Women Don’t Really Care About

Today we debunk the fallacy of insecurities most men carry about in their head, stopping them from walking up to the lady of their dreams steal her heart away. In this article today I will be talking about the 5 most common Insecurities of men, that most women don’t really worry about yet they beat themselves up about it.  READ ALSO: That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Ways To Refuse Giving Your Girlfriend Money
In the next few lines, I will be breaking those age-long insecurities most men have allowed to affect their self-esteem. Without any further ado let’s do it already;
  1. Height:
     Insecurities of Men
    That Sharp Guy, Height, Insecurities of Men

    First on the list height, yes I know that the height thingy is heavy on this list and why because when you pick an average of 10 ladies on the street of Lagos at random ask them how they want their dream to look, 9 out of them will say they want a dark, “tall”. Here that’s the thing, not every guy is 6 feet and above and research has shown that some of the most prolific playboys are actually not the tallest guys so why are you feeling so insecure about your height. Get out there grow some balls and express yourself with almost confidence.
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  2. Hair Loss/Bald: 
    This is another that borders heavily on the chest of a lot of men too. And most recently what guys who probably notice that they are going bald do is that they just shave it all off. See guy most babes actually don’t care if you do have hair on your head or not. They actually prefer it bald so that they can see something to rub, tap and fondle around with.

    That Sharp Guy, Bald, Insecurities of Men

    Just recently i found out that one of my girl’s most likable parts of my body is actually my bald head, she so much loves rubbing it. So borderless and enjoy your hairless Gorimapa head.

  3. Cars:
    Now i have plenty of guys who think they can only get the babe of their dreams only if they ride a big dope-looking ride, Lexus 350 RX, or a Range Rover, and whatever luxury SUV you can think of. Yes, a good ride makes you look good, and maybe stand you in good stead with certain types of babes but the truth is it is still just a material thing. If a babe will only go out with you because you have got a ride or because of a certain type of ride, best to know that babe doesn’t really care about you and is only there to chop your money.
  4. Penis Size:
    Yes finally let’s address the Elephant in the room, Yes i know one of the biggest insecurity of any man any day any time anywhere, is usually the size of his manhood. But the truth is that most women don’t really like the extra-large or really big gbolas. So far your gbola isn’t extremely small like that of a 7-year-old kid. Then you’re actually good. All you need to work on is actually how long you last in bed. And learn how to perform some really good foreplay, how to touch your woman eve without penetration that will make drip sea of fluids, my brother you don get her mumu button for life.

    That Sharp Guy, Small Penis, Insecurities of Men
  5. Wealth:
    Well all i would say, here is that any lady who truly understands wealth won’t pressure you into becoming a thief so far you’re comfortable, can take care of her needs, you have a comfortable roof over your heads, you can feed yourself and her well, and you have a consistent means of income, any lady who’s got ambitions of her own would ride and die with you. Only a proper gold-digger or a lazy, materialistic, trophy wife dreaming girl will doesn’t want this.

    That Sharp Guy, Height, Insecurities of Men

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