Beauty DIY: Three Things You Should Never Apply On Your Face

Women apply all sort just to look beautiful. Some ladies end up regretting after applying things which ends up in doing much damage to their faces.
If you are not sure on what to apply on your face. You could visit a dermatologist, however do not apply these three things on your face.
1 Lemon juice: Some ladies sometime feel the urge to apply lemon juice on their face. Lemon on your skin or face can lead to burns. Stay clear of it.

2 Glycolic Acid: Dermatologist have stated adding glycolic acid will damage the skin on your body permanently. ladies who apply the chemical end up regretting.
3 Cleansing soap: Applying cleansing soap strips off excessive oil from your face. However it can also lead to dehydration drying your face hence making look horrible.

Photo Credit: Getty

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