Aunty Aurora, My Husband Cheated And Fathered A Child With A Sister In Church When I Was 6 Months Pregnant


Dear Aunty Aurora,I have been married to my husband for 2 years and I was so happy when I got pregnant. I have just found out my beloved husband cheated on me when I was seven months pregnant and that another girl has had his baby.My husband is a worker in church and we have been together for four years. He’s 32 and I am 25. We met in the church and got married in the same church, so i was stunned to discover that he another girl in church had his baby. He swears it was a one-off mistake after a night vigil.Apparently, the girl told him she was pregnant but didn’t want him involved, as she claims she did not want to be a home-breaker. Now her son is nine months old, she’s changed her mind. I am utterly destroyed yet I still love him to bits. I question whether I should just allow the sister and her son as my co-wife, as she has moved from our church. My husband has been saying he wants to be there for the sister and child, so i do not know what to do. I’m so upset and disappointed. What should I do? Thanks, Dupe, Shomolu.Dear Dupe, Are you sure your husband i telling you everything about the situation? What does been there for his new ‘family’ mean, paying the fees and providing for the new girl or wanting her to become his second wife? And does he realise how badly he betrayed you and your marriage vows? Tell him you want your relationship to survive but he will have to make serious efforts to convince you he loves you and only you.Photo Credit: Getty

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