Aunty Aurora, Sex With My Husband Has Become Non-existent And I Don’t Know Why

Dear Aunty Aurora,
My husband and I used to have sex at least once a day but now it is virtually non-existent. I don’t know why.

I’m 36 and my husband is 38. We have been together for four years. He started to distance himself six months ago and almost pushes me away if I try to initiate sex. I am lucky if we have sex once or twice a month now.

I keep asking him if there’s a problem but he changes the subject. It’s making me feel as though he no longer fancies me. Is he cheating? Bukola, Egbeda-Lagos

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Dear Bukola,

That is not necessarily the case but he must see you need to know what is going on for him. Say you are worried about him and your relationship.

Work or family pressures can damp down our sex drive. Pushing you away suggests he feels defensive, so maybe has experienced erection problems.Photo Credit: Getty

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