Aunty Aurora: Should I Sit By And Watch My Mother Marry my Sugar-Daddy?

Dear Aunty Aurora,
Please keep me anonymous. I am a 26 year old lady raised by a single mum. According to what my mum told me, my dad died when I was just three and she never got married so that she could focus on me and raise me properly. She really tried her best but during my university days, I was a wild one. Not that I went into prostitution but I didn’t see anything wrong with dating men old enough to give birth to me, but back then it was a means of getting extra funds my mum couldn’t provide.  Once I left school, I was fortunate enough to get a good job that came with accommodation so I moved out of the house and started living on my own. It was six months after moving out of my mum’s apartment she told me that she has started seeing someone. I was very glad to know that she was finally taking the step towards having a partner again and when she asked me to come over last weekend to meet her new beau, I was very eager to oblige. The shocking thing now is that her man happens to be one of the men I dated while in school and this wouldn’t even be an issue if I didn’t know him to be a serial cheat and batterer. He once gave me a black eye because I told him off while we were dating and I really don’t see myself thinking of him as my step-father ever. I really want to tell my mum that he is not the one for her but in the process I will have to reveal how I came by that conclusion. Please help!
Ogun, Nigeria.
Dear Anonymous,
If you have been a dedicated reader of the feature, you will know that I always say, its better to come out with the whole truth yourself instead of waiting for it to be told from another person’s point of view. The story might not sound the same anymore and it most likely will not be in your favour. I believe what is done is done and being able to come this far on your own despite your ‘wild’ past means you are more matured now and know better. Being scared of how your mum would feel finding out what you did in the past is valid but its not as important as the future that awaits her if she ends up with this man. Will you ever forgive yourself if he hurts her later and you know you could have done something but didn’t out of fear? Have some faith that your mother will listen to you and make a different choice because I believe that is all you need. I am sure she is unaware of her man’s philandering ways as well, so empower her with the information that will probably save her from making a terrible mistake. Aunty Aurora.
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