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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Ways To Cope With A Girl With A Lot Of Body Insecurities

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Insecurities are sensitive grounds for everybody be it for both men and women it is usually a very sensitive area to dabble into from time immemorial. But it is still quite different for women mostly due to the beauty standards perceptions created by the public and now couple with social media.  Girl with Insecurities

That’s why young men out there dating now need to learn how to handle being with a lady who feels insecure about her looks and her bodily features. It can be quite mentally tasking but you need to step and support your woman making her comfortable in her skin.
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Once you notice that your babe has this particular insecurity or feels insecure about a particular thing about herself below are the five basic things you need to educate yourself with immediately and use in dealing with your babe’s insecurities.

  1. Don’t Make Fun About It In Presence of Other People
    Dealing with a lady with a lot of body insecurities

    Like for real, don’t do this ever. Also if your lady’s insecurity is something she has come to accept and she makes fun of it herself. When she does such like make fun of it in public don’t join in actually it might be something you might be ashamed of yourself but if you both are not don’t just join in the jibes and jokes out of respect for her.

  2. Help Her Feel Confident To Accept It, Instead of hiding it
    If her insecurity is something that makes her hide, and because of this her self-esteem has taken a hit. Well, you’ve your work cut out at this point because you need to help her out of this self-inflicted or societal inflicted low self-esteem and low self-confidence and help her feel confident and comfortable in her skin and coming to accept her inhibition and that she can turn it into a strength and it shouldn’t necessarily be a limitation. 
  3. Reassure Her You Love Her Just The Way She Is
    Another major thing you would have to do regularly when dealing with lady’s insecurity about herself is to constantly remind her that you love her just the way she is. A lot of good words or love and support regular will do the trick and remember assurance, lots and lots of it.
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  4. If You Want Her To Work On It Don’t Mock Nor Fight Her, Talk To Her About It 
    Just as the sub-heading says, if there’s particular insecurity of your babe that your think she can work on or you want her to improve on it. It’s not by quarrels or fights or mockery that will get her to do it rather just have a seat down with her and you both talk about it like adults, explain your reasons why you think she should work on it, and also listen to her own reasons too. Remember relationships are a two-way street.

    Dealing with a lady with a lot of body insecurities
  5. Support Her When She Tries To Work Or Improve it
    Finally when she does decide to work on her insecurities you as a guy have just one job and that is to support her in the best way possible, go to the gym with, go to the surgery room with her or help her look for solutions to whatever insecurities it might be that’s the best thing you can do for her at that point.
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And finally, if it is something that can’t work on, which is a very rare situation though, but if so then you’ve got to be her rock of Gibraltar. 

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