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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Cheeky Ways Nigerian Ladies Ask Guys Out

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Nigerian women are unique beings, one of a kind in the world in their acts. One of their unique act is the way they choose to ask men they have an interest in out. Unlike other African women or western women who are very open and forward with expressing their affection to the opposite gender, Nigeria women never directly ask their men out, they always do it cheekily leading the man on and then finally making him do it. Sexy Plus-size woman SNG KOKO TV NG 1

Like for real, most men deceive themselves into thinking they asked their Nigerian ladies out of their own volition, but the truth is most of the time these ladies actually create these pitfalls but never pop the question and make the man do it for them.
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Below we discuss 5 quick pointers, on how to know if a Nigerian lady has an interest in you and wants to ask you out or she wants to know if you have a girlfriend. enjoy the quick read;

  1. They Ask If You have a girlfriend (I Don’t Want Your Girlfriend To Beat me)

    One of their most common tricks, says you start talking with a particular girl/lady then you pass a comment, about her looks or something and she goes “Haaa please o, I don’t want your girlfriend to beat me”. My brother that girl has an interest in you and is cheekily checking with you if you actually have a girlfriend and just maybe she can come into the picture. So just know that the next time you hear that, she’s all down for you.

  2. Are You Married?

    You meet a Nigerian girl, you both exchange contacts and before you guys go too deep, she throws the question are you married?… My brother that babe wants you, all she is waiting for is for you to actually pop the question for you.

  3. When Was The Last Time You Had Sex

    So you meet a Nigerian girl, and you are not sure if you should ask her out, but you guys are at the talking stage and you made suspect she has a boyfriend. Well, having a boyfriend isn’t actually a hindrance with the ladies outside now. So you and this babe are talking she goes when was the last time you had sex, that’s a major green flag signal, that she likes you and is probably asking you or wants to get down with you. Brother don’t dull get in that coochie.

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  4. Comment On Your Social Media Posts

    Once a Nigerian lady starts commenting regularly on your post on social media, then just know she obviously has an interest in you. You post a lady on your status and she goes hmmm, is that why you don’t have our time. The joke might be that whoever you posted might be your sister, cousin or just a mutual friend. But a lady who is interested will definitely comment on your social media posts regularly. She is baiting you, and very soon she will slide into your DM.How Nigerian Ladies Ask Guys Out

  5. When She Offers To Come Over To Cook For You

    This is a huge pointer that she wants you, and she just wants for you to actually pop the question and not that it’s coming from her exactly. She will be starting speaking in riddles and idioms, like is this how you allow other girls to come to cook for you, or she is unique. She is systematically culling you into opening up about having a relationship with her.

    So the question would be, do you want a relationship with them Nigerian babes who are cheekily asking you out, or how many of these signals did you miss out on or took for granted in the past or just mistook them for friendly gestures.
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