15 Latest Stunning Aso Ebi Styles With Side Drapes Styles and Designs

Looking gorgeous, beautiful and confident is a statement, it makes you light that helps brighten and the mood of one’s environment. And that’s why we take the pleasure to always bring our very own KOKOnista’s the best of fashion wears and trends that would always make you look like the perfect, gorgeous beauty Queen you’re. Aso Ebi styles with Side Drapes are the latest trends, the Geng thing in vogue now and we’ve got the perfect styles to make you look the perfect Owanbe slay queen. Aso Ebi Styles With Side Drapes

Aso Ebi Side Drapes is an adaptation of the Igbo bride wear, with a little spin on it and it has caught on with quite a number of unique designs metamorphosed around it, like the “Midriff Side Drapes, the Off-Shoulder Side Drapes and more. Below are 15 stunning Aso Ebi styles with Side Drapes meant for the perfect KOKOnista queen;

  1. Short Side Drapes:
  2. Lace Aso Ebi Side Drapes:
  3.  Long Midriff Side Drapes:
  4. Short Puff Sleeves With Side Drapes:
  5. Aso Oke Midriff Side Drapes:
  6. Keep it Simple Short and Elegant:
  7. White George With Side Drapes:
  8. Off-Shoulder Side Drapes:
  9. White Lace Side Drapes Iro and Buba:
  10. Dramatic Sleeves Peplum Side Drapes:
  11. Skirt And Blouse Midriff Side Drapes:
  12. Double Layer George With Side Drapes:
  13.  Elegant And Gorgeous:
  14.  Spaghetti Aso Ebi With Side Drapes:
  15. Damask Gown Aso Ebi Styles With Side Drapes:

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