Aunty Aurora: Help! My Ex Is Sleeping With My Step-Sister

Dear Aunty Aurora,I am in shock as I have just found out that my ex is seeing my stepsister. I feel she has betrayed me. My boyfriend and I parted only three months ago after a year together. I thought we had a good relationship but we had a row and I ended the relationship. I am 27, he is 31. I still love him and wanted us to try again but he had other ideas. Now it turns out he is dating my stepsister, who is 25. He says he’s sorry if that’s hurting me. I feel very let down as I have done so much for her over the years when she has had problems. She doesn’t seem to care. What should I do? Thank you, Bolatito, Lagos.Dear Bolatito, It is easy for your ex to say he’s sorry now but it didn’t alter his behaviour, so maybe it’s a bit harsh to put all the blame on your stepsister. Be strong. Tell them you hope they will be happy together and take a step back. See lots of other friends. Remember the best revenge is a happy life.Photo Credit: Getty

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