Three Foods You Should Not Eat On An Empty Stomach

Certain foods are not recommended to eat on an empty stomach. These food will do more harm that good to ones body, so avoid eating them on empty stomach.
1 Bananas: Eating banana when you wake up is a mistake, banana should only be eaten only after meals. Banana contains magnesium and potassium, and these two will be imbalanced if you take banana in the morning.

2 Yoghurt: Many people love yoghurt cause of it’s sweet, creamy and milky taste. Taken yoghurt on empty is harmful because it contains acid that can affect the body when ingested in the blood stream.

3 Raw Green Vegetables: Consumption of raw green vegetable on an empty stomach is not recommend ed cause it lends to irritation in the stomach. They contain fibres that is hardly insoluble.

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