That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Types Of Girls You Should Never Date As A Side-Chic

Hello My SNGee World, it feels good to be back. Lately, I have come to notice a lot of men complain about having issues controlling their Side-Chics, most especially during this Coro season, the complains have quadrupled. Side-Chic

First, before I delve into the types of girls you should never date as a side-chic. There are 7 basic rules you need to observe and make sure the girl you want to date as side-chic passes. The 7 traits are;

  1. Must not be above 30
  2. She must be ready to know her place
  3. Never going to have the talk
  4. Must always dress to kill
  5. Must Always be ready to be your muse and satisfy your sexual desire
  6. Must be a desirable bitch in bed (Bed skills are out of this world)
  7. She knows you’re the boss (She must be completely submissive)

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Now I know some people would question the sanity behind all of this well, the truth here is Side-chics exist and they would continue to exist until the end of time. And to those fellas who know what they want, and are ready to do it with their chest high and don’t want to get hooked, here are the 5 types of girl you should never date as a side-chic;

  1. The Everything Goes Girl: Yes the everything goes girl, she is a very dangerous one, that you need to run away from if you ever cross paths with them. Calm down! I would explain who these girls are, you see those girls with low-self esteem, prone to having suicidal thoughts, clingy, obsessive, this type of girls would destroy your marriage, your regular relationship, worst part some of them don’t mind being in a violent relationship. This type of girls would stalk you, they always want more, try to take your relationship with them to the next level, which we all know you don’t want, it simply means she doesn’t know her place. Brother, please move on before it gets too deep and too dangerous. 
  2. The Slay Mama With No Job: The thing here is that the slay mama’s with no regular jobs are mostly the type of girls that fall into the side-chic category. Some of them have even turned it into a hustle “the Small Girls Big God” gang. They would be your side-chic for a price know that the highest bidder owns them. Do your thing with this type of girls and never let it linger on for too long. Whatever you might have nor share with them must and should not last longer than 2 weeks and be gone. On a lighter note, they are always very good in bed, you would enjoy coitus with them a lot which always make it difficult to leave them, you stay at your own risk.
  3. The Girl With An Agenda: Hmm, these type of side-Chics are the most dangerous, they make you think you’re in control of things but they’re. They make you get in a relationship with them, they make you have unprotected sex with them, make you get comfortable, unsuspecting, make you believe they know their place, my brother, you’re walking right into a booby trap. This type of side-chics would fulfil all of the aforementioned side-chic prerequisites but only do so to achieve a purpose to get pregnant, have a child for you, to blackmail you or to achieve the ultimate goal become the main chick or your wife. 
  4. The Girl Who’s A Friend To Your Main Chick: These type of girls are dangerous both to you and your wife, they always have a plan an agenda, they know you, know some of your weaknesses. Maybe your wife/main chick has blabbered about some of your prowess in bed or how you take care of her financially and physically. Brethren never fall for these type of girls, be smart.
  5. The Diabolical Ones: Now! this is the African angle to the Side-chic phenomenon. These ones are ready to go any length to make you their man, or do whatever they can to make sure you continue to pay their bills. These ones who use spiritual things (Jazz) on you, apply to their body, ones you get intimate with them you lose all sense of rationality about them, chase your wife out of your house to be with them or you would even move in with them. Brethren once you see a girl that is too churchy or always praying but yet allows you to cheat with her, brethren be careful or take to your heels.

    Man Consoling side-chic

N.B: Broke dudes are not needed in this zone if you can’t afford to have a side-chic and take care of her needs to keep her submissive to your wants, stay at home with your wife and be merry. Photo Credit: Getty

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