Beauty DIY: Three Simple Exercises To Help You Get Sexy Wider Hips

Men are crazily driven by women with great hips. Getting wider hips is now a walk in the park. You can widen your hips by exercises which is simple to do.
Here are three exercises to try today:
1 Side Leg Lifts:

The side legs make your hips wider in a matter of days. Start by lying down on your right side. The head, neck and back should be in a neutral position. Allow your head to rest on your arms. Stack out your legs such that they are on top of each other.
2 Side Lunge With Dumbbells:

This is the easiest and most effective way of achieving wide hips. Start by standing with your feet together in a straight position. Put a lightweight dumbbell in both hands, begin stepping out with your right foot and then the left one. Bend the knees while pushing your hips back.
3 Side Dumbbell Abductions:

This exercise is relatively easy. Stand with feet together, carry the light dumbbell in . your right hand. Make sure the right leg is straight and then start raising your leg outwards. Make it a slow and controlled motions.

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