Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Aunty Aurora, I Caught My Fiancee With Another Man… And Then He Did Something I Really Did Not Expect

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Dear Aunty Aurora, I recently caught my fiancee with another guy in her apartment. When my fiancee with this other man, he abused and then attacked me injuring by lips. My girlfriend is 32 and I’m 35. She was always flirting and love enjoying the attention of men, she thought it was funny, especially when I’d confront her and threaten to leave. She’d plead with me to stay with her.I got off work early one Friday last month and decided to surprise but instead caught her in a compromising positionwith another guy. I shouted at her and chased him out. He must have thought I was going to hit him before he started abusing and punching me. I had to go to hospital and needed to be put on bed rest for some days. She insisted they hadn’t done anything but the guy was not wearing his shirt and she was in bum-short and t-shirt when I entered her apartment. She said it was because of the heat as there was no light and they had just eaten. We’ve since split up but she wants me back. I don’t know whether I still love her. Thanks, Kunle, Shomolu.Dear Kunle,  This isn’t the first time she’s let you down. She’s a serial flirt and now she’s cheated by being in an unacceptable situation with somebody else. One bit of flirting you might forgive but this shows you she can’t stick to one relationship.Photo Credit: Getty

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