Finally! We Now Know How To Catch A Cheating Girlfriend!

Scientists have come out to reveal that you can tell if a girl will cheat on you by looking at her index finger, according to a new study, women with long index fingers on their left hand are likely to cheat and have affairs. The longer index finger and shorter ring finger has been linked to being exposed to a higher level of the female hormone in the womb. Eiluned Pearce of Oxford University carried out the research which has been published in a Royal Society Journal. She took measurements of the finger lengths of 274 female volunteers and also sampled their DNA. They also completed psychological tests on their relationship quality. According to her findings “women with higher (more feminine) left-hand digit ratios are more impulsive and rate their romantic relationships less favorably.” she further expressed her shock at the result saying its; “intriguing, because the opposite might be expected”. Photo Credit: Getty

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