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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Mistakes Men Make That Pushes Women Away From Them

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#Mistakes Men Make That Pushes Women Away...Your ability to get a girl to fall for you heads, shoulders and boobs deep for a guy is all down to the guy, what he does and how he handles himself around a lady he is interested in. But lot of times men makes certain mistakes or moves that just simply pushes women away from them and this reason a lot of times is responsible for why some guys never get the be with the woman of their dreams and end up having to settle for what could get at the time. Mistakes Men Make

Now if you have noticed that over time, you seem to consistently find it difficult to be with the lady of the dream. Well their is the high possibility that the following reasons are responsible for why some ladies you might tend to be interested in you at first but all of a sudden start to move away from you, so sit back read through, cause you’re definitely going to learn something from this article;

  1. Confessing Love To Quick
    Like seriously never do this it is in all sense of it wrong, i have seen situation where a guy meets a lady today, and the next day after getting the lady’s contact he immediately starts confessing love to the lady, telling her just how much he loves her. Come on!! brothers this in all sense of it wrong and so very much unacceptable. In all honest brothers, never do this cause this, because no lady will take you seriously if you ever do this. It will be felt by the lady, if you do this that you have no geniune feelings for her and is probably just want to sleep with her or you’re just living off an infatuational affection to her. And for this reasons the lady will naturally move away from you.

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  2. Being Overly Possessive
    Brothers, another huge mistake a guy going into a new relationship or just started dating should never do is being overly possessive because that will only push whoever the lady might away from you the guy and whatever relationship you intend to build with her then don’t make the mistake of getting overly possessive.
    Acts like you calling persistently questioning her on a steady where she is, or what she is doing every minutes or every second of the day. Come on, this lady is an adult and to a large extent had a life before you came along. So respect her space and don’t get overtly possessive and clingy at the early stage or the relationship and even at the later stage of it. First thing to do in any relationship is to try to build trust and understanding only that way will a proper relationship be built and sustained.
  3. Talking About Your Ex Too Early In The Relationship 
    Like seriously brother, this mistake is one you should never make no matter what even if you intend to do so to curry sympathy and affection from the lady. Nigerian guys are folly of this lying and using their past bad relationships to ask out their new babe. Yeah, sometimes it might work but most times it doesn’t and rather rises an eyebrow, of hello what did you do to the lady that made her do what she to you, or what did you that made her want to leave your relationship with her. So rather avoid talking about it, and let the new lady ask on her own volition. A guy giving a lady money sng KOKO TV NG 1
  4.  Being Stingy 
    No lady likes or is impressed with a guy who can’t spend on them or give them some raba, to support them in what ways it might be possible. So note brother no lady likes or want a stingy guy, and Nigerian girls especially iare never impressed with such guys and most definitely a blesser as South African ladies call it. So brother if you’re a miser well it might just be the reason why you’re single stupor.
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  5. Asking For Sex Too Early When Dating: 
    Like serious brother if you really like a lady for who she is and not necessarily going into it because of her body and getting into her coochie, then brother don’t do it. Never ask for sex too early into a relationship, if it comes naturally well then ride on and enjoy it. But don’t go asking your babe for sex just two days after you guys had your first kiss or just a day or even a week after she accepts to date you. Thats another mistake you should never make
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