That Sharp Naija Guy: 6 Things Ladies Do When They Have A Crush On A Guy

Things ladies do when they have a crush on a guy…Every girl at some point during their adolescence and way later when much more mature have all had a massive crush on a boy. One thing quite common amongst girls when crushing on a boy is that they all change their character, attitude, and behavior to fit the guy they are crushing on because obviously, they are trying to court the guy’s attention. A lady crushing on a guy

Most ladies be it old or young once they have got a massive crush on a guy they start behaving in certain ways. So the mission here is to tip the guys on how to know when a lady is crushing on them and they don’t miss on those greenlights and take full advantage of them;
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Here are 6 things ladies do when they have a crush on a guy.

  1. They Blush Whenever They Are Around That guy: This is common among ladies because they feel very shy whenever they come in contact with the person they have been dreaming to see. When a lady is crushing on someone, she always feels insecure to meet that person.
  2. They Find It Very Difficult To Confess Their Love: Most ladies find it very difficult to confess their feelings to their crush because they are afraid of getting rejected by him. If a lady has a crush on you, she would find it very difficult to open up to you.
  3. They Plan Themselves Well Before Meeting Their Crush: Women often do this especially when they are crushing on you. A woman who has a crush on you wouldn’t want to make any mistake while talking to you and she wouldn’t want you to see her as someone who is not serious with things.
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  4. They Give You A Listening Ear: If a lady is truly crushing on you, she would always give you a listening ear no matter how busy she is because you are her priority. When a woman is in love with someone, she would do everything to get that person’s attention.
  5. They Spend Their Money On You: In normal terms, ladies don’t like spending on men, they love getting spent on but if a lady is crushing on you, she would spend her money on you just to get your attention and love.
  6. They Would Befriend Their Crushes Friends: This is one thing that most ladies do when they have a crush on a guy. If you notice that a lady befriends your friends just to get close to you or get the opportunity to talk to you, then that simply means that she is into you.

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