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Husband Jailed For Life After Stabbing Wife To Death And Driving Her Body Around In Boot

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A husband who stabbed his wife to death and then drove around with her body in the boot of a car before dumping her in the street has been jailed for life.

Kashish Aggarwal, 28, brutally attacked Geetika Goyal, 29, at their Leicester home before wrapping her corpse in plastic, a court heard.

He then travelled for half a mile to a residential cul-de-sac where he then disposed of her body on the pavement before driving back home on March 3 this year.

A court heard Aggarwal tried to cover his tracks by making calls to his wife’s phone, as well as to family and friends acting like a worried husband.

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He claimed he had not seen his wife since arriving home from work that evening which led to Mrs Goyal’s brother reporting her missing just after 9pm.

Officers attended the family home in Wintersdale Road and found Aggarwal at a neighbouring property checking their CCTV.

Police then received a call from a member of the public at 2 .25am the following morning reporting a woman was lying on the pavement in Uppingham Close.

Mrs Goyal was found with multiple stab wounds to her neck, shoulder, chest and arm and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Aggarwal was initially treated as a significant witness while a murder investigation was launched by detectives.

He told police he had arrived home from work at around 7 .30pm that evening and had gone straight to have a shower.

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He claimed it was around an hour later that he realised he had not seen his wife and so started making calls to relatives and friends.

But a search inside the home uncovered traces of blood in the dining room and garage while CCTV enquiries also showed him driving Mrs Goyal’s car to deposit her body.

It included CCTV of Aggarwal turning the car around in the driveway at the home during the evening so that the vehicle boot was facing the property.

He was then seen driving the car away at 8 .14pm, arriving in Uppingham Close at 8 .17pm, where he dumped his wife’s body.

He arrived back at the family home at 8 .21pm and blood was also found in the vehicle.

Today, Aggarwal was jailed for life to serve a minimum of 20 years and six months after he previously pleaded guilty to murder at Leicester Crown Court.

After the case, her family said in a heartbreaking statement: “Geetika was our lovely daughter, sister and auntie. As a family we always called her ‘Geetu’.

“Geetu was a kind, gentle, humble and honest person. She would not do anything to harm anyone else and always spoke politely of people.

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“She was a good person who listened and cared for others. She was innocent and did nothing to deserve her death.

“We can never imagine the pain that Geetu went through that night. She was at work that day and was having a wonderful day with us.

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“A few hours later she was dead and had been killed in such a brutal way by her husband Kashish.

“She must have suffered so badly and there was nothing that any of us could do to help her.

“When we found out Geetu had died, we were all in a state of disbelief. We just couldn’t accept what had happened.

“We recently travelled to India to scatter Geetu’s ashes. We cried during the journey there. We should not have been doing what we were doing.

“This was not how it should have been. We just wish we could have done more to help her when she needed us the most.

“As a family, we had trusted Kashish. We gave him everything, provided for him and looked after him.

“We spent money on him to make his life with Geetu comfortable. He has broken our trust and he has betrayed us.

“We have no reason for why this happened and we cannot understand why Kashish murdered Geetu.

“We need to know why this happened but feel that we will never get the answers which we need.

“This makes Geetu’s death so much harder for us to accept and deal with.

“We are a very close family and we spend a lot of time with one another. We also have a family business so we see each other daily.

“Having Geetu taken away from our family is devastating. We have lost our Geetu and we will never get her back.”

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Detective Inspector Jenni Heggs, from the East Midlands Special Operations Unit, said: “Today my thoughts are with Geetika Goyal and her family.

“Geetika was just 29-years-old when a person, who she should have been able to rely on and trust, violently attacked her in her own home before ultimately dumping her body in a nearby street.

“Aggarwal showed no remorse and was only interested in trying to cover his own tracks pretending to family, friends and the police that he had no idea what had happened to his wife.

“He continued to change his version of events a number of times when being interviewed by police.

“Today’s hearing sadly will not bring Geetika back but I do hope it helps Geetika’s family in some small way to see that justice has been done for their daughter and sister who lost her life in this most horrendous way.

“My thanks do go to Geetika’s family for their bravery, patience and co-operation with us during the past eight months as well as to all those who helped us during the investigation including witnesses and the local community.

“My thanks also go to the investigating team who have worked tirelessly across the past eight months, remaining dedicated to ensure the right plea was made in court and that Aggarwal was convicted of this brutal crime.”

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