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Types Of Money Ritual (Awure, Osole, Oso Pombele, Oso Tutu) – Herbalist Speaks

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KOKO TV’s exclusive interview with an herbalist has shown that there are various types of money ritual people and how they do them.
money ritual
Herbalist Prince Atoyebi Sunday has answered the question on the lips of a lot of people regarding the types of money rituals that exist and how they can be done. In the same interview, he also spoke about the repercussion that comes with doing rituals for money.
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When as what are the types of money ritual? he said, The first type of money ritual is work. You can recall I said work is the antidote of poverty, but if we are to look at it from the aspect of using spiritual interference, types of money ritual is wealth booster (awure). Another type of money ritual is ritual to get your business booming to bring in money (Osole), money ritual to bring in money without working (oso pombele). Other types are awure dantanta and those that uses human parts, that is four. Let’s look at ritual itself, you would see when it is late in the night and stars are in the sky, whenever you see a falling star people usually say it is a ritual (osole) that has taken place i.e they have used a human being for ritual. You can see that this kind of ritual happen in the sky, we believe those that use human parts are those involved in the falling of the star.  Another type of money ritual is the ritual that involves the earth.
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In this one, it is the earth that provides for one who does this kind of money ritual, it doesn’t involve you using animal blood or human parts. The things they used are like leaves, herbs, snail, rat, fish, those are the ones we call osole. But the one we can oso pombele is the ritual that is referred to as the quick money that people use human parts to perform ritual so as to become rich. That is the difference between osole and oso pombele. Some people still call it oso tutu (cold money ritual). There is nothing called cold money ritual that won’t involve you using human body even though I have not done it and they have never performed it in my presence, but you will see that in this present world, you will hear they have taken somebody for ritual or they see somebody’s head or human parts in somebody’s possession. By the time they ask why, the culprit will say he/she wants to make use of it for money ritual. That means those that are involved in oso tutu indirectly uses human parts. I myself speaking to you now, the way my father handed over this work to me, he never used human parts to do money ritual or any kind of ritual. The only things we used are the leaves, herbs, animals that are entirely different from making use of human parts. And it is still effective as of the time of old. Watch the interview below;
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