Monday, August 15, 2022

To Do Money Ritual You Have To Be Up To 30 Years – Herbalist Reveals

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The first episode of KOKO Docuseries has premiered and it centres on money rituals and the yahoo boys.
money ritual
In this episode, the herbalist has revealed the age limit for doing money rituals. He stated that for one to do money ritual, you have to be up to 30 years, unlike what we have these days. It is not just about being up to 30 years but having a business you do that the money ritual will help boost. The herbalist who was consulted in Osun state also pointed out that there are several types of money rituals and he went on to highlight them.
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When asked if there is an age limit for people that do money rituals, he replied saying,
Before we can perform money ritual, firstly, the person must be up to 30 years of age, that is the least. Secondly, you must have a reliable source of income either he/she is doing business, petty trade, and he/she wants people to know about his/her business. For example, one can do the Oso or Awure type of ritual, which involves people looking at the person and asking him/her to help keep this N2million for maybe two years, and coincidentally he/she was looking for money to buy goods for his/her business or stock his/her shop, you can see that the money ritual is beginning to manifest. But one that does not have any business at all or does not have work and goes further to do money ritual, such a person will just become a wasted effort, he/she might see the herbalist that did the ritual for them as fake.
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Even if he is given money to keep, he will just spend it lavishly. By doing Oso or Awure for someone doing business it’s a means of work. What do we even call Osole or Awure for someone doing business it’s just to remove the hand of the wicked people of the world so as to allow his business boom. But Oso tutu or Oso gbewa is either the person is working or not, since it involves human parts, it is the spirit of the human being used that will bring the money, that is the difference. So, one must be up to 30 years before he or she can do money ritual. Watch the video below;

money ritualTrending video of the day;

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