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Anybody That Uses Human Parts For Money Ritual Will Surely Be Punished – Herbalist Reveals

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The second episode of KOKO Docu Series sheds light on the repercussions that come with using human parts to do money ritual.
money ritual
In an exclusive interview with an herbalist, Prince Atoyebi Sunday, he stated that most people that do this kind of money ritual usually run mad, or live a very short life. He further pointed out that animals can be used to do money rituals but most people don’t want to go down that lane because it takes a longer time to get rich, but with human parts, the wealth comes faster.
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When asked what are the repercussion attached to doing money ritual he said, If you recall I said money ritual is also a job, but if we are to talk about the types of money ritual,  you could see that God gave us authority over animals. Any charm that one does to get money ie if we use an animal, either wild animal that lives in the bush or the one that uses four legs to work or birds or even rats depending on what you use to enhance your money ritual, it can’t have any side effects. But when money ritual is involving human parts, or killing people or making the person miserable, it will later have side effect because in all the things the Almighty God created, we  humans are the ones that are the most valuable creation of God. There is no one that does money ritual that involves human blood or human life that won’t get punished.
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For example, any herbalist that uses a human part to do money ritual will also get affected, even those that assisted in bringing the human body will get punished because the person they killed, even if he was to able to talk during the cause of his killing but was able to speak in his heart, any curse or pronouncement he places during that moment when he is killed, there is no how it won’t come to manifestation. Also, the lineage of the person used for the money ritual won’t also keep quiet. So, there is no way a person will use a human part either by killing him or collecting his glory/destiny or they take his clothes, hair, so as to to benefit their own lives; this kind of ritual doesn’t have a pleasant ending. Some of them might even run mad, or not have long life. Some of them after doing the money ritual, their children or ward will become useless when trying to use human parts to make money. The human part that is used to seek for money is being given to the spirits to bring money to him/her. Watch the interview below;
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