The Dangers Of Self Medication, Medication Without Diagnosis

In Nigeria, we ALWAYS assume we know how things work in the inside of our bodies and we predict what is wrong simply by the outcomes that we get. Despite the fact that it has been said many times that medication without diagnosis poses us at more risk, African parent never disappoint with the “use paracetamol” order when one’s got a headache and we have all imbibed this culture.The Dangers Of Self Medication, Medication Without DiagnosisHeadaches, over time, have been said to have different causes and aches at different parts of the head suggests different pains and events happening in the physically unseen inside. A search online at the causes of abdominal pain (or say stomach ache) will bring you hundreds of factors responsible or things that could cause the simple and what we see as ordinary stomach ache. How then do you know the exact one to treat if you do not get a diagnosis done?
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Most recently, a vicenarian has been getting injections from a nurse who apparently did not test her or have her run a scan for the incessant abdominal pain she’s been having. After weeks of being administered injections for the treatment of infections, an emergency case led to rushing to the hospital and eventually, the incessant aches turned out to be as a result of appendicitis and not the supposed infection she was treated for. The Dangers Of Self Medication, Medication Without DiagnosisAlthough infections can lead to appendicitis, the current level had gone beyond medicinal repair and needed a surgery to be fixed. If only the had been done earlier and detected, just maybe the surgery could have been averted.
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Think of the money spent on the infection treatment and then on surgery, not to mention the pains, physical stress and fear of having to go under the knife. Much more importantly than the money spent is the life and health we put at risk. As a teenager, you are much more at the guilt of self medication without diagnosis.The Dangers Of Self Medication, Medication Without Diagnosis
Some other times, your friends may recommend a prescription they got for their diagnosed medical illness to yoi with the promise that it worked for them and it will work for you. A very close instance is of you as an individual repeating a prescription you were given for a recurring illness.
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In all of these what we fail to understand is that prescriptions have doses and levels of use which may differ from body to body, diagnosis to diagnosis and time to time. Using other people’s recommended prescription may work at the time but doesn’t make it the right thing to do, dearie. The unchanged fact remains talking mediations without proper diagnose is an abuse to the body, thy are important. Please ring this to friends and parents ears. Ensure to stick to it too! #TeamKnowWhatsupBeforeMedicine!The Dangers Of Self Medication, Medication Without DiagnosisPhotos Credit: Getty
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