5 Body Issues Teenagers Face… Practical Steps To Solve Them

I would feel bad that I didn’t have the pretty clothes my friends, classmates and others have. I would feel bad that I am short and couldn’t have a conversation in English fluently. I would look at the fair girl beside me, in my school or passing by and see someone that is so much beautiful than I can ever be. The list is endless, and that is teenage life.
Being a teenager comes with a whole of tension, pressure, worries, thoughts and sinking moments – especially from the outside. These pressures make one sink deep in low self-esteem, depression, taking up bad habits, addiction, rebelling and sometimes, suicide.One of these areas of great pressure is the Teens Body and today, we will be examining the 5 Most Common Body Issues Teenagers Face. Not only this, I also will be talking about how to combat them, giving instance of how I overcame the specific ones I had.
1. Height and Weight Problems: the shorter ones are easily trampled upon, the overly tall ones are taunted for being like giraffes, the fat ones are seen as lazy bones, the skinny ones feel like they don’t eat and can be intimidated with just one push – how does one do then? But the fact is everyone does not grow at the same rate. Each individual is unique in their own way and so is their physical body. One might grow at a pace of one inch a year and another may grow at a pace of two-inch a year. All these are impacted by the genes carried by their parents, which decide how tall one should be and how much they weigh, and even external factors, which might impact the normal growth.The most important factors are the diet, sleep, and physical activity. In order to achieve a normal growth at the specific age, ensure that you have a balanced diet, at least six to eight hours of sleep a day and more importantly, get involved in some physical activity like exercise. For instances like height (mine didn’t change), I simply built my confidence around it and has many times been called Small But Mighty – brilliant, brave, confident, strong and smart – making it hard for people to shove me aside. You can try that out.
2. Skin Problems: till date (in my mid-20s), I still have pimples. Since 15 years of age when these spots would cover my face, they had not left totally, not for a day. No thanks to the family – every member had this same issue, from Grandma and Grandpa to all Uncles and Aunts and my mom. Mom’s was worse that I grew to play with them on her neck and chest as a child. Many times, it would be so tiny and so much that it looks like I have rashes all over my face, then my face becomes so black. I wasn’t the very beauty conscious one but deep within, I would feel ugly.Again, I got so tired by people’s complaint and just grew thick skin to it all – I have tried a lot of things – even the disgusting idea of using my monthly blood, eeww! – and they are not working, do I kill myself? Of course NOT. I guess family is my own factor. Doctors, however, recommended eating a balanced diet, drinking 8 glasses of water, getting enough (7 to 8 hours) sleep and engaging in a sufficient physical activity is the key to normalize the hormonal fluctuations causing pimples or acne. Beauticians also suggested washing the face frequently, minimizing the use of chemical cosmetics and avoiding poking the pimples with the nails or hands. Honey is a great beauty item, turmeric also. Both mixed together can help in killing the bacteria and healing the skin, while honey helps in hydrating it.Beauty: 5 Efficient Face Masks You Need To Try Out For Your Perfect Skin3. Body Odour: Oh, I didn’t battle this although my personal smell (everyone had his unique smell, not necessarily an odour) gets offensive sometimes, especially during menstruation. The looks on people’s faces when a teenager that has body odour walks past is just enough to make one sink so low in depression and never want to walk through the corridor or or on the streets anymore. BO is majorly caused by bacteria which grows in the sweat, especially near the armpit, groin, palms of the hand and bottom of the feet, and sweat, is a natural body process that helps in regulating the body temperature. During puberty, about 3 million sweat glands are said to become very active, leading to sweating more than normal.Certain hygiene tips can however, solve this problem – taking a shower twice every day and drying the skin completely before wearing clothes, wearing clean clothes, especially the inner wears and socks, shaving the pubic hair (this can be optional only if you can keep the places clean with the hair) and applying deodorants or antiperspirants. Deodorants help in concealing the bad odor, while the antiperspirants help in controlling the amount of sweat. If despite all of these, you notice extreme sweating, it is better to consult with a dermatologist.4. Mouth Odour: is another problem I didn’t deal with (except on days I do not brush, oh, even I want to suffocate! And that is not mouth odour, it is simply an effect of not brushing – many brush and still have odour) but I do know a few people who ended up having it in their teenager years. A very good herbal dental solution may cure this, if not a visit to the Dentist or Periodontist (oral care specialist) can be a step to finding its solution.
5. Growing Beards, Hips and Boobs: Some boys experience slow growth in moustache and beards, no thanks to genetic or ethnic factors. There are also possibilities that it might even take early or late 20s for your moustache and beard to grow completely, which is said to be completely normal. I know friends who would troll themselves (even in tertiary institution) for not having beards.Despite it could be hereditary, not having quality sleep and exercise, imbalanced diet, smoking & drinking and unusual skin care can be some hindering factors too. Girls too, have have disparity in growing breaths, hips and butts, unlike their pairs. My younger cousin of 4 years is bigger and more shaped than I am, and yet bigger than my kid sister of same age. The size of the breast is said to also usually be influenced by genes, ethnicity, your hormonal levels, and your weight. Similarly, it is completely normal to have uneven breasts. In fact, no woman in the world can claim to possess totally same-sized breasts. While there are also chances that one breast hangs lower than the other, it is said that it takes complete five years for the breasts to grow completely or by the time the girl is about 18 years old. This is totally nothing to worry about and if you are, a visit to your gynea should enlighten you. Meanwhile, there have been exercises that are said to help butts growth, you may check them out.5 Body Issues Teenagers Face... Practical Steps To Solve Them
Some teenage girls have facial hair like a moustache and a beard and some teenage boys develop breasts. These are considered as a major body image abnormalities. Before dwelling on the remedies for it, it is necessary to understand the root cause of it.
It is to be noted that both teenage boys and girls possess both male hormones (androgens) and female hormones (estrogens), except the fact in boys, the androgens dominate and in girls, the estrogens dominate. Both these hormones start secreting in the body at the onset of puberty and the body takes some time to sort the levels of respective hormones.5 Body Issues Teenagers Face... Practical Steps To Solve Them
In teenage girls, it is possible that the level of androgen does not come down, due to which some of the male attributes like developing facial hair can occur. It can be an embarrassing one for girls, but the happy news is that it can be decreased through certain cosmetic treatments and medical treatments, which will reverse and reduce the hormone levels of androgen in the girls.
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Meanwhile, in boys, they develop a very small tissue around their nipples, which looks like a breast. One can be very sure that they do not grow more than that, but the hanging tissue around the nipples may take some time to settle down. Mostly it will settle down around the age of 20 years when puberty gets over.5 Body Issues Teenagers Face... Practical Steps To Solve Them

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